Claude Carbonel

Claude Carbonelorn in Marseille, in Provence, between clay and colours, between his mother Clotilde Carbonel, Santon craftswoman, and his father Marcel Carbonel, Santon craftsman too, the son of his father Victor Carbonel and his mother Marie Carbonel, Santon makers from the the beginning of the 20th century, maybe even before… Santon makers from father to son.

1966. He started his own businesses after more than five years training with his father Marcel Carbonel ( with the title " Meilleur Ouvrier de France ") who certified at his departure that he fully mastered his craft. He developed this craft by creating hundreds of models and new ideas, respecting the popular traditions of Provence.
He created the of Santons painting competition, which allowed the young people of Provence at that time to play at being craftsmen themselves. He was called " Mr Crib " by the media and later manufactured millions of clay Santons to be painted which a tanker distributed throughout Europe.

ater again, dressed Santons all over the world.
Each of these actions increased his popularity.
Small Santons or dressed Santons : always free artistic creation.

2016. After 15 years of training and experience with his father, Nicolas Carbonel carries on the tradition with the same quality and innovative targets...

“All my dressed Santons are decorated by hand, each one is a unique piece. The bodies, dressed one after the other with care, in the traditional manner, are articulated in several parts by wire so that their postures can be changed. All stand on a base from clay of Provence (this makes you the proud owner of a tiny plot of "land of Provence"), except for the seated models who are on a chair and therefore do not have a base.
The colours of the cloth can change according to our collections.”